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Game Story

A puzzle scrolling platformer where Super Stick's reaction to a nuclear attack at the food factory where he works. Players will then be placed into the story by controlling Super Stick. Early levels are simple as players are introduced to game, environment, and enemy mechanics. Super Stick can walk, run, run fast, climb, swing, slide, get phased, and strike with his stick using multiple combos. Each enemy has special abilities and new enemies will be constantly introduced through the progressing levels.

The most unique aspect of the game is the striking moves from Super Stick and the look and actions of enemies. New factory mechanics will be introduced as the player completes levels. The POV will always stay on the side and Super Stick and enemies will mostly remain in profile unless completing an action. Players progress as they beat enemies and complete levels. Players can "beat" the game by completing all levels.


A collection of screenshots taken during SuperStick Game development. This is by no means the final version.

Sreentshot 1

Intro Scene

Sreentshot 2

Combos / Particles

Sreentshot 3


Sreentshot 4

On the peak

Sreentshot 5


Sreentshot 6

Breaking Objects

Sreentshot 7


Sreentshot 8


Sreentshot 9

Prototype Xbox Controller

Our Amazing Team

SuperStick Game Team Members from a wide variety of fields.

Dilmer Valecillos

Project Lead / Programmer / Graphic Designer

Will Terry

Children's book illustrator / Story App Producer / Illustration Teacher

David Housden

Music Engineer

Kris Cooper

2D Artist

Chris Randle

Sound Designer

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